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Nov 02, 2011

pycontrol -- iControl 11.0 Get List of iApps

Hello All,



I am trying to convert our iControl Python scripts over to work with 11.0. I know that with the introduction of iApp I will definitely need to change our script. Anyway, I wanted to start simple. For one python command statement we have lists all the VirtualServers via the LocalLB.VirtualServer::get_list(). To my knowledge this is no longer the practice when using 11.0. Reading devcentral i stumbled accross the Management.ApplicationService iControl docs. I created a new statement and tested it against our 11.0 F5 Ltms however it does not enumerate anything. I read this statement on the iControl documentation page





"Gets the names of all application services. Note that Application Services are always created in a subfolder so if you call get_list immediately after creating an Application Service you will not get the application in the results unless you set the app folder as the active folder or you enable recursive queries. "



Currently this is what our script statment is to get the desired results





My Question is how do i get a list of iApps? I tried this





But no results even though there are 5 iApps on the Web GUI



Thanks in advance,




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  • Found this...After sending a SOAP call with the 'EnabledState' option I am now getting a list of iApps




  • Found this...After sending a SOAP call with the 'EnabledState' option I am now getting a list of iApps