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In the past few years there has been a lot of talk about dynamic data centers, automation, orchestration, etc. iApp has a very large benefit in these environments that might not be completely obvious.

Last week I met with a customer who was responsible hosting managed applications and support services for their enterprise customers. To implement configuration they built a provisioning system to automate infrastructure and application services based on the user’s inputs. That included scripting each step individually to configure the ADC.

Remember that iApp templates can reduce configuration steps up to 90%? Well they are also iControl enabled. That means that whether a template is configured via the UI or API the complexity and time to deploy is equally reduced. Also since an iApp service is just another object, deploying one can be done in a single call regardless how complicated the application may be.

So with iApp templates they no longer have to script hundreds of calls to build a single application implementation. They can make one call and pass only the required data unique to the customer and the iApp will complete the rest of the configuration on the device.

That certainly reduces the complexity and cost to orchestrate our device and simplify automation.

Published Jan 24, 2012
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