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Jan 07, 2011

ProxyPass iRule, Version 8.2 usage

I'm trying to implement ProxyPass iRule, Version 8.2 so I can remove apache from a server . The apache code does nothing accept 'proxypass' to another app on the same server . Here is the proxy pass statement in the httpd.conf file



ProxyPass /LogToolDEV/ http://localhost:8080/



Currently the user connects to this app using a url like this






The bigip terminates the ssl and I currently have a simple irule that looks for the 'LogToolDEV' and changes the pool to 'test' (port 80) on which apache is listening .


This works fine.



So it seems as though I can bypass apache all together with the ProxyPass irule . I


have tried various combinations in the irule data group , here are 2



/LogToolDEV/ test8080


/LogToolDEV/ / test8080



the pool test8080 point to the server , port 8080



I have verified the existence of pool 'test8080' but irule debug shows



Jan 7 10:34:04 tmm tmm[1667]: Rule ProxyPasscnedev : some_virtualname, Host=some.server.something, URI=/LogToolDEV/: Found Rule, Client Host=some.server.something, Client Path=/LogToolDEV, Server Host=some.server.something, Server Path=


Jan 7 10:34:04 tmm tmm[1667]: 01220001:3: TCL error: ProxyPasscnedev - no such pool Failed Tcl_pool_GetFromObj: pool (line 201) invoked from within "pool $newpool"



What am I missing ?


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