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Oct 24, 2011

Proxy Pass iRule question - not able to access application

We have a requirement to hide the true URL for certain applications and were advised that the Proxy Pass iRule could be used to accomplish this. After setting it all up, though, we are not able to access the application through the F5 virtual server. Some debugging allowed us to discover that we can reproduce the exact same error when accessing the app directly at the pool member by adding a trailing "/" to the address. It appears that the iRule is doing this as part of the translation, but in our case, it is not needed and seems to be causing the problem. The complete details - with screen shots - are in the 2 documents I have attached.



I am hoping that someone has encountered this before and knows a workaround. Perhaps I am just using the wrong notation in the data-group file.



Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions. -RR

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    I put in an exception which skips appending the '/' for the case when a query is included in the server-side URI, i hope that does it. Please use this version while we continue to look at it and decide the best way to handle this. Let us know how it goes and send the new log.



    See attached file.


  • John, Thank you for taking a look at this and for providing the modified iRule to test. I replaced the original iRule with the one you supplied, but didn't really have any more success. I've attached a document that has the screen shot and log output. From the log, it looks like the trailing slash that I had suspected to be the issue is still present. I'd be very grateful if you would have another look. Thanks! -Roman
  • John, For what it may be worth, I have also attached a document that show some screen shots and log entries for a VS that accesses the same application, but does not use Proxy Pass to attempt to hide the URL. This works, but obviously doesn't satisfy the requirement to hide the program details.



    Thanks again for your help! -RR



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    It is my pleasure to help fix this. THis irule is important to us and to our customers.



    THere is a silver lining in the log file that you sent last. Notice that line 3 does not show the / while your previous log output did. We are on the right track.



    I am looking now and hope to send you another version tonight.


  • John, thank you for going another round on this. I've tested with the updated code you provided, but I suspect that something unanticipated is happening since I'm not even getting the error - at the browser - that I had before. Document with screen shot and log output is attached.


    Thanks again! -RR