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Jan 31, 2023

Programming languages

What do you consider the most useful programming languages?

What is your favorite (most useful or not), and why?

Do you have any tips for learning any of the languages you mentioned?

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  • And it came to pass that a great multitude of geeks and programmers did gather together to debate which language was the greatest among them all. And they spoke of Java, and they spoke of Python, and they spoke of Ruby and of C++. But lo, as they spoke, a voice was heard, a voice that was quiet yet strong, saying: "Fear not, for I am PowerShell, and I am the best". And the geeks and the programmers did look upon the voice, and they saw that it was true, for PowerShell was the language that combined the power of the shell with the might of the .NET framework, and it was a thing of beauty and of great joy. And so it was written, and so it shall be, that PowerShell shall reign supreme in the land of code. Amen.

    Yes, I asked ChatGPT for help and lo and behold. It did not disappoint!

    And nowadays I prefer TypeScript. Microsoft sure knows how to make good languages. With those shots fired I'm gonna go and duck for cover. Cyyyyyaaaaa! 🔥

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      three sentences in and I'm thinking. "Chat GPT would be GREAT for this sort of thing".
      Lo and behold!...indeed.

  • I constantly use linux/unix commands such as grep, sed, and awk to sift my want through data and output in the format I want but I don't know if that would classify as programming language. The only advice I have is to Google your heart out if you go this route and have lots of tests to see if it's doing what you want. Other than that I can't say I really have any preference other than I absolutely hate Visual Basic and hope everyone has forgotten it and the dumpster fire it is.

  • Strange that I will say for automation Ansible and Terraform as they are the bridge between Developers and Admins and you become DevOps. I know that they are not exactly programming languages 😀 They have loops (Ansible now calls it a "loop" and not "with_xxx" , so there you go a loop, we are not going to talk why "if" is called " when") and conditions, so they are close to programming languages.


    Also Javascript/Nodejs for scripting as if Big-IP NEXT can use the LX irules without the need of using normal iRules then it will be magic. Still having the normal iRules but LX iRules to have their own events and why not F5 XC/distributed cloud to also use NodeJS to allow the users to do some magic as this is called edge computing. I have used Javascript and jQuery for some frontend web code long ago and NodeJS in IBM Node Red for home automation and F5 uses Node Red for a free SIEM project as Node Red is  visual programming like for the SOAR systems (Splunk/Cortex etc.).