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Feb 12, 2012

Procedure to change protocol of a LocalLB::VirtualServer

Hi Can somebody let me know what are the API to be called or the procedure to change the protocol of a LocalLB::VirtualServer. for example a standard type Virtual Server change the protocol from TCP to UDP.


If I just call 'LocalLB.VirtualServer.set_protocol' it complains that incompatible profiles.


If I do 'LocalLB.VirtualServer.remove_all_profiles' before changing the protocol still this error comes on changing the protocol. so i just listed the profiles I found below





profile_type = "PROFILE_TYPE_TCP"


profile_context = "PROFILE_CONTEXT_TYPE_ALL"


profile_name = "/Common/tcp"





Iam using pyControl & iControl apis with v11 device



So can somebody give me sample code to change the protocol of a virtual server(example TCP to UDP)


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  • Hi vgeorge,



    When you change the protocol of a virtual server I think you basically need to redefine all of the attributes, profiles, etc. So it would probably be easier in concept to remove the old virtual server and create a new one.



  • so what about changing the protocol profile? for example to change protocol profile from 'tcp' to 'tcp-legacy'. I am encountering the same problem this case too.