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Feb 29, 2012

Problems running an external monitor

I am trying to set up a new external monitor, but no matter what the output of the script is, the monitor is disabling the pool.



For testing I am calling a script that contains the following:


echo "enabled"




when I run the script locally on the ltm, I get this:




02:Active] ~ /config/monitors/GTMPoolMemberCheck 1 2







My understanding is that since text is being returned, the monitor should be up. Am I incorrect on this?




I am working on a monitor that will disable the LTM pool when a GTM pool member is disabled. This is what I have:







outcome=`tmsh show gtm pool detail |grep enabled -B 4 |grep "Pool Member" | grep "$3"`






echo "$outcome" (used for testing only)




if [[ "$outcome" == *"$3"* ]]; then echo "enabled"









Any help would be appreciated




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