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May 12, 2012

Problem with APM after restore on RMA unit

I have a problem that appeared after we needed to do a restore to a RMA unit (in a active /passiv cluster setup). We have 3 APM sites setup for Network access giving the users a choice between SMS and RSA authentication, to do this i configured decision boxes with two options the first one is SMS and the next RSA, these connect to two different Macro´s.



After the restore of the config on the RMA unit we are now on 10.2.2 HF1 every time i fail over to the RMA unit the customization of the message box do not appear even after synchronization.


I have had a look at the policy editor and all seems okay the customizations are still there they just don't seem to be able to show them on the restored RMA box. (3900).




Now anyone any ideas what could be causing this ?


I have all ready logged a case with F5 and aim now waiting to hear from them, but it seems so strange, that the custom image header and the text for decision boxers just does not appear, even though i can see everything in the policy editor when i look.




I have enclosed a pdf file of what it looks like in the policy editor.




Another question is there any more documentation out there for APM customization ?




Regards Craig




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