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Jan 13, 2021

Priority group activation - Failover persistence

Hey All,


Just a quick questions that hopefully will be simple to answer!


The App I am currently working on has a pool with 2 nodes - As the app is not HA, I have a priority group setup. My primary server is set to 75 and my backup is set to 50. I have a default TCP profile and NO persistance profile.


When killing the primary server, the failover works perfectly - All my connections go to the backup as planned. The issue I am having is with the failback.


When I restore the app on the primary server, I only see the new connections. It seems that my connections that first failed over stay connected to the backup. Is there an easy way to force close connections to the backup when the primary returns to service? This app is stateless so no need for any connections to linger arround.


Thank you,


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  • Without reinventing the wheel - refer the previous threads.

    This is standard behaviour. You can use different methods to kill the persistence, like Icall script etc.