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Feb 21, 2012

POST Requests, Cache headers and the back button

Hi there,



We've started moving some of our production services over to our F5's running v11 HF1.




Everything appeared to be working quite happily, until one user asked 'Why is my back button not working???'



Long story short, it looks like when a customer search is performed, the resultant POST request is tagged by the F5 with a 'no-cache' header due to the use of RamCache on this VIP.


This works fine if the user just selects one of the results and moves forward. However if they realise they've selected the wrong customer for example, and hit the back button, they get a 'Webpage has expired' response.


I've suggested they can hit the refresh button, and resubmit their form contents... However they've asked if I can look at getting it working without a refresh...




Is this achievable? Or does it go against the whole Caching principle of RamCache?




Any ideas???








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