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Jul 20, 2011

Posibility TACAS Auth. Users to change pass


Users authenticated on TACACS for F5.


They have this setting :



shell "/usr/bin/bpsh"



Can they change their own password ?


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  • I don't think administrative users can change their TACACS password on LTM--they'd need to do this on the TACACS server.



  • Thank you.


    If you get any new information please let me know.


    I'll let the user know.
  • Hi Ora,


    Sadly it can't be done via SSH, however, you can change the password if they were directed to an accessible router/switch that uses the same TACACS system.



    Typical setup is when you log in you type your username and enter an empty password, (ie: just press return) and it prompts for the old password and the new password.




    I hope this helps





  • @The Bhattman



    Thanks , actually that's what they're trying now. Some guy beat me to the punch. :)


    But I'll let you know if it works.