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Mar 10, 2011

Portal application status




Do F5 BIG-IP products have the capability to monitor the status of an application running on SAP Portal? The configuration guides mention about specification of portal server ip address/url and port to check the health of a server. This is good to confirm whether the J2EE server is running or not. However, when the server starts up, it takes some time to load the different applications. Their status can be monitored through the NetWeaver Application Server. At the time of start up, if F5 started directing traffict to a particular node, users will get all sorts of errors related to application unavailability.



Can this be avoided by configuring an application monitor in F5?



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    You can apply an advanced monitor that will do end-to-end application test prior to marking a pool member UP and sendingr traffic. Page 14 in document or page 18 on PDF specifies setting this up.


    Please advise if this is what you are looking for.
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    Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.



    Is it possible to point me to some detailed information on the advanced application monitor, in terms how it works, etc. How would it know whether a particular application on the SAP JAVA AS is working or not...