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May 15, 2012

Port Failure Exchange 2010 Peeps must have run into this

Getting ready to deploy 2010 and ran into the following issue on failure testing.



We have deployed exactly per the Deployment guide set by F5.








2 CAS servers in each pool.




When the MAPI 59532 port it shutdown on CAS box 1.


and a new client opens up the client. The Client will hit the Virtual Server listening on port 135 this may get load balanced to CAS Box 1.


CAS-1 will not respond with MAPI port because it knows its down. Clients will fail to connect if Virtual Service 135 pool member 1 is Alive.




To fix this scanario under the virtual server listening on port 135 we added in an additional monitor to check for port 59532(MAPI) port as well as port 135 on each CAS box.




Failure fixed!!! Now when MAPI port on CAS-1 fails in MAPI pool. This also marks CAS-1 down on the RPC pool listening on 135 :)








We configured the same type of behavoir for address book 59533, but will run into a snag if this set of events happen.




If MAPI port on CAS-1 is down (AND) Address-Book service on CAS-2 is down.




This will mark both Pool Memebers in the RPC_Port 135 pool down as well..






Anyone good any suggestions, im obviously thinking an iRule here but not sure how to code that.


























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