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Nov 22, 2010

Port 3.1 disabled MGMT




I have some 5100 Bigip devices and no matter what I do I cannot get the management port 3.1 enabled. No lights show up on the port so I cannot manage it.



Or how do you fully enable port 3.1?



BigIP version 9.3. I was able to run setup on version 4.x. Is there a console setup progrom in version 9.3?



I can manage the device through any other port, but I am confused why the management port is not working on more than one device.






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  • Hi Peter,



    The 3.1 management port should work on 9.x on a 5100 from what I can see. I don't have a 5100 to check though.



    You can run config to configure a management IP address. What does 'b interface' show for the mgmt port while you have it connected?



  • Hi



    Thank you for your reply.



    The interface mgmt that i presume is 3.1, as 3.1 is not viable with a b interface command.



    Config does set an address but when I do a b interface mgmt it reports as up and traffic is flowing only in one direction out but not in, hence it is not working. Also the port lights do not light up even though a b interface showes some traffic.



    The setup application was good in 4.x as you could fully set it up from the console without having to do it from the command line.



  • If it worked on 4.x and you're not even getting a link light on 9.x, I'm not sure. Maybe open a case with F5 Support?