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Mar 23, 2012

POP UP massage window

Hello all, i want to configure F5.. like if any virtual IP configured on F5 goes down... then users accessing web site correspond to that VIP should receive a POP-UP massage with "unavailabilty error massage" Can someone help me with irule or such F5 config.

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    Define 'pop-up'...



    If a user is idle and theres no current request, are you expecting a dialog to come up? Or are you just interested in active connections? Active connections are relatively easy. Its supported OOTB with the fallback URL. More complex solutions could be a bit more problematic, but could be solved with a piece of .js inserted to tickle the VS every minute or so (howev will increase your load considerably).



  • As Hamish said, for active connections, you can just use a fallback URL on a custom HTTP profile to redirect requests to a separate host when the virtual server's pool is down. Or you could use HTTP::respond when [active_members [LB::server pool]]==0:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
     Check if the current pool has no active members
    if {[active_members [LB::server pool]]==0}{
     Send a 200 response with some HTML and caching headers set to prevent caching of the response
    HTTP::respond 200 content {maintenance} pragma no-cache cache-control no-cache