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Nov 02, 2010

pool in HTTP class




I got a question regarding the pool selection in the HTTP Class. I configure the pool in the HTTP class and set the HTTP class to forward all traffic to this pool.



Question 1, if I also configure the default pool in the LTM, will traffic go first to the pool assigned in the HTTP class and then to the default pool on the LTM level?



Question 2, if only the pool in the HTTP class is configured, and that pool goes down, can I configure a second HTTP class in the VIP that gives a default error page?





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    Question 1. If there is a match in the http class profile properties e.g. host / uri etc..then traffic will be sent to the ASM. Once the ASM has processed the traffic it will then send the traffic onto the pool specified in this http class profile. This is against using the VS's default pool. I imagine if there isn't a match then the default pool in the VS config is used.



    Question 2. Http class profiles are processed in order, so once there is a match if the pool is down then it won't attempt to try another http class further down the list. In order to achieve what you may be after, then could you add another node to the pool and create a priority group so it is only used in a situation when the other nodes are down? This node can be any old host that, when accessed, results in a default error page returned to the user.



    Hope what I've said is correct and it is of some help.







  • Hi Frank,



    In addition to Nathan's helpful comments, here are a couple of related AskF5 solutions:



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