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Mar 17, 2011

Partition Default Route Domain

Hello World,



I didn't find the tmsh command to set the default partition when create or modify route domain. It's not yet implemented? Is there a tip to do that?






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  • changing partitions isn't object specific. You modify your current context and then create/modify



    modify cli admin-partitions query-partitions all update-partition


    create net route-domain 2


    modify cli admin-partitions query-partitions all update-partition Common
  • I need to set the option "Partition Default Route Domain" you see on the gui. I want when the operator select his partition, he doesn't

    need to type %2 when he create a self, node or Virtual server. If default route domain is affected to partition, he won't have to type this % attribute.


  • The object references don't work like that. You could write a tmsh script that would essentially be a questionnaire, and depending on partition selected, you could take the user input and append the appropriate route domain before setting it.
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    I believe what you want is this



    modify auth partition default-route-domain