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Jul 05, 2024

Packet based load balancing instead of connection based (default)

Hi everyone,

I have a requirement to load balance iso 8583 echo messages across two servers in a pool. I used a performance Layer 4 virtual server to attempt achieving this because I reckon that is the type of virtual server that could fulfill the requirements of load balancing all the requests across the 2 servers in the pool. However, requests are only being sent to one pool member. I also tried to craft an iRule (see below) to do this, still requests are only sent to one pool member.

 log local0. "ACCEPTED !!"

  log local0. "DATA !!"
  #to get the length of messagein hexadecimal,the length info can be get from the first 2 byte
  binary scan [TCP::payload] H4 len 
  log local0. $len
  scan $len %x len 
  log local0. $len
  #totalmessage length is length + 2
  set len [expr { $len + 2} ] 
  if {[TCP::payload length] < $len} {
  TCP::collect [expr {$len - [TCP::payload length]}]
  TCP::release $len
  TCP::notify request
  log local0. [LB::server]
    log local0. "Server Connected !!"
    log local0. "response: [TCP::payload]"
    TCP::notify response


Has anyone done packet-based load balancing before? Any ideas?

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  • BIG-IP really wants to:

    1- Receive a packet for my MAC

    2- Look at the VLAN and L4 source/dest and match a virtual

    3- Add this flow to the flow table

    4- Try to connect the server-side of the flow or continue the client-handshake, depending on how the proflies are set up

    All of the traffic processing hinges upon what's in the flow table, so there's not really a way to "turn it off". 

    However, you can easily reconnect the server-side to a different server using "LB::reselect":

    You can also reconnect the flowserver-side to a server using the "node" command if you want to disregard all BIG-IP load balancing logic:



  • It is impossible on an F5 device.

    The F5 device can load balance to only one server.

    If you need to send packets to both servers, you can use a client/server clone pool or a TAP switch.