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Jul 05, 2012

OWA 2010 HTTPS Monitor

I've been trying to use the monitors recommended in the F5-Exchange-2010-DG document but it looks like these are geared towards running with SSL offload and having the back-end communication on port 80.



Can anyone confirm this? We are using HTTPS all the way through to our CAS servers with basic auth for owa and the document states,



"If you switched the authentication method to Basic, or Basic and Windows


Integrated authentication (if using Edge Gateway or BIG-IP APM, the auth


method must be Forms), use GET /owa/\r\n. In this scenario, you must modify


the monitor configuration after completing the template to provide a valid User Name and Password; the BIG-IP automatically inserts a “\r\n\r\n” after sending the Authentication header, so unlike the anonymous Forms-based method above, there


is only a single “/r/n” at the end of the string."




So what valid response can I look for with HTTPS doing the GET /owa ? I have the same question for ActiveSync as well.










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