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Jul 17, 2023

Overlapped Networks Question

I have two networks which overlaps. and  in  "DC_Networks" and  in  "DRC_Networks" An iRule is using to determine which DNS response s...
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    Jul 17, 2023

    I suggest you implement this traffic steering based on topology records/LB.  It will scale much better and is made for just this use case.

    K75177455: Forcing DNS traffic to different data center when using Topology Load Balancing method


    But to answer your original question, once an "if" or "elseif" condition is matched, it is executed and the that whole logic tree is done.

    As I think about your scenario more, you may have bigger issues with either the clients being on overlapping network space or the dns response being on overlapping networks spaces.  If either one of those is true, L3 routing will break for one or both.  Overlapping address spaces are first isolated through route domains.  From there, DNS services can/should be further isolated to control responses as needed (seperate DNS).  You don't want DNS records accidentially bleeding into other domains.