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Oct 19, 2010

Outbound traffic not being distributed across trunks

Hello All,



I have a pair of Active-Active 8800s (running 9.4.8) that each have a bundle of 4 gigE connections to unique switches upstream. Traffic is sent to them from the switches is distributed evenly across the links, unfortunately the traffic from the F5 to the switch is only ever sent out one interface. I am hitting the limit of a single gige lines during peak times, and need to get the LTM to balance outbound traffic across all links.



The trunk config is as follows:



trunk seacore02 {


distribution src dest mac















Our traffic is hitting us from the internet, so the only MAC address in communication with the F5s generally would be the l3 interface from the switch. I tested changing 'distribution src dest mac' to 'distribution src dest ip' which as I read it would have solved the problem, but that didn't help. I also disabled trunk.internal.ffp and made sure that trunk.internal.distribution was set to srcdestip and the result is the same -- all of the outbound traffic from the LTM comes out a single interface.



Is there something I'm missing? I'd really prefer to fix this properly rather than just buying 10gig interfaces.



Thanks in advance!


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  • Are you using LACP? If not and if your switch supports it, I'd give that a shot.



    Is your outbound traffic initiated from behind the LTM or is it in response to externally-initiated traffic?