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May 25, 2011

Operator user can't use get_list?


I have a user that is an operator and has 'Partition Access' set to 'All'. However when I try to do this:




(Initialize-F5.iControl -HostName $F5_ip -username $Username -password $Password)







The answer is pretty much nothing. However, if I do the same thing as above with the admin username / password combo I get a list of all the node addresses. What permissions are needed for my now operator-user in order to get that list?




Thanks in advance!


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  • I use an account that is only a Guest as well.



    These are the permissions I have applied:



    Partition: Common


    Role: Guest


    Partition Access: All


    Terminal Access: bigpipe shell



    Do you have Administrative Domains and Partitions Configured? If so, you might need to set the Active Partition.
  • I apologize. I mis-read. So I set my accounts permissions to Operator as well and retested.



    I go the same results as with Guest.



    I am using the .NET iControl through a Web Application though and not POSH, but that shouldn't make a difference.