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Jul 01, 2021

Online Resources for learning DNS/GTM

Hi All,

Help, I've been left a DNS configuration by a college who has left and its now not working.

I understand a lot of how the package works but I am not confident in the basic or how to should be architected to be happy to make a change with out reading up on it.

Any suggestions please where I can read up on the DNS module please?



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  • Also F5 getting started for DNS/GTM:






    And the operations guides:



  • In addition to the items mentioned above, F5 also offers instructor-led and self-paced training on our BIG-IP DNS product. Instructor-led training is provided remotely and in-person by F5 instructors and through our authorized training partners worldwide. Self-paced training is available through For more information on these and other customer-facing F5 training products, please visit the F5 Training and Education Hub page.