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Oct 06, 2021

OneConnect Statistics

While I'm testing OneConnect profile in my lab and I found that the statistics seems to be incorrect but I don't know why, below is the configuration I have done on the BIGIP:

V-server, http profile, one connect profile

ltm profile one-connect test-onceconnect {

  app-service none

  defaults-from /Common/oneconnect

  idle-timeout-override disabled

  limit-type none

  max-age 200

  max-reuse 4

  max-size 5

  source-mask any


The connection is working fine but the output of (show ltm profile one-connect test-onceconnect) seems to be incorrect for me based on number of connections I have been initiated


Ltm::OneConnect Profile: test-onceconnect


Virtual Server Name N/A



 Current Idle     0

 Maximum       5

 Total Reuses     2

 New         9

when I checked the KB , I can see the below:

Currently Idle: The number of currently idle connections in the connection pool. These are connections that are available for reuse.

Maximum: The maximum number of idle connections in the connection pool.

Total Reuses: The total number of times server-side connections have been reused. Typically, connections will be reused more than once, and each connection reuse will count separately toward the total.

New: The total number of times new server-side connections have been created.


so can someone help me to clarify more the difference between current Idle and Maximum, also what is the meaning of New.

Also take in consideration that I did all the connections from the same machine and I set the mask to any so I should have number of Reuses much more than what I see above.


one last question what will be the affect if I use OneConnect with profile that only use TCP profile (no HTTP exist).



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