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May 12, 2022

OneConnect Profile Max-Reuse of Zero


We have an existing production OneConnect profile with a max-reuse paramter of zero:

ltm profile one-connect /Border/pr_OneConnect_NoReuse {
    app-service none
    max-reuse 0

Does anyone have an idea of what this means?

Does it close the backend connection after each HTTP request?

It has been suggested that this allows for an infinite number of HTTP requests per backend connection.

Any help in clarifying this will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Nath,

    Thank you for the link but the KB does not address what a max-reuse of zero means.

    I have talked the sales engineer on our account and they have escalated the question to engineering.

    When they respond, I'll post their answer here.


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    It means maximum number of times that a server-side connection can be reused.

    The default value is 1000... that should have some value not 0.

  • The answer is that in the case of zero, it means that there will be no reuse at all. The backend connection will be used only once and then destroyed.

    In the case of one, the connection is used twice: once for the initial request and then once for reuse.

    This is similar to a case where the 'Connection: close' response header is returned. The difference being that the frontend connection is not actually closed but the LTM treats it as if it had by resetting to the default pool of the virtual server as well as resetting any iRule variables.

    F5 agrees that the documentation could be more clear on this matter and have taken an action item to do so.