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Oct 11, 2019

Old TMOS Downloads Help

Hi everyone,


I have a client who has some very old 1600 series appliances that are still in service, with limited workloads (LTM only), but need to get brought up to the latest TMOS level available for the platform. They're currently running v9.4.7 Build 320.1 Final, and I'd like to at least get them into v11.6.x, in order to close up some security vulnerabilities. I know I need to take a specific upgrade path (e.g. from v9.4.7 to v10.2.4 to v11.6.3).


My main problem is, when I login to the F5 Download site, there aren't any listings for v10 anymore. Is there a secondary repository available for retired software versions, or another method to get the ISO for the v10.x?





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  • nothing official is available, i would raise a ticket with F5 support and ask them.


    although im sort of remember an earlier question where F5 support said they can provide those either anymore. still that is your best bet.