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Mar 19, 2019

Office 365 iApp on 13.1.1?

I'm about to setup a Office365 webtop on, and I've noticed that the iApp does not officially support that version. According to the README the iApp only supports up to 12.0. This is the top of the README:

Version: f5.microsoft_office_365_idp.v1.1.1rc1
Last modified: January 2019
iApp requires: BIG-IP version 11.3 - 12.0

The deployment guide (listing the exact version, 1.1.1rc1, of the iApp file) says "11.3 - 13.0". There's also a note in the README saying an issue was resolved in the iApp for 14.1 users, leading me to believe 13.1 should be fine:

Corrected an issue that caused TCL iApps using client-ssl profiles to break when the iApp was reconfigured. This issue only affected iApps running on BIG-IP 14.1.

So... am I safe using this in 13.1? The BIGIP in question is in production and it's uptime is important, I don't want to make any mistakes on this.

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