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Mar 03, 2014

nodejs with iControl SDK - assertion error while consuming SOAP

Actually I am going to consume iControl SDK using nodejs, but unfortunately I am stuck with a problem, I am new to iControl and nodejs using SOAP. I asked a question on stackoverflow( for seeking help, but I thought it would be better to ask on relevant place.


Please help me with this what is making things wrong? Thanks!


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  • I haven't accessed the iControl SOAP web services from Node.js. What package are you using to do the SOAP serialization?
  • Doh, should have read the link you provided. Our implementation of iControl is built using a RPC-Encoded format. We designed the API back in the 2001 timeframe. Since then, the Doc-Literal format has become the recommended standard but many of the client toolkits continue to support RPC-ENC (.net, Apache Axis-v1, SOAP::Lite, etc). The error you are seeing is most likely due to the fact that the soap package you are using does not support RPC based encoding.
  • Thanks Joe for your quick response. Well I verified with the soap package what I am using is supporting RPC ( encoding style. It basically able to get the list of available methods by client.describe() method. but when I try to get the list of virtual servers using client.get_list(args, callback) it gives me assertion error. I looked in the API reference we don't require any args to be passed. Do we need to set some SOAP headers for it to make it work?