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Jul 26, 2011

No VHD is available for trial version BIG-IP LTM VE





First I downloaded the trial version for 10.2, but then encountered the issues "Error 51133, F5 registration key is not compatible with the detected platform - This platform" and browing thorugh the discussions on this group, came to know that trial key does not work with 10.2. Then I downloaed 10.1 version, but there is no VHD available for 10.1 version



Can you please help me in either providing a key for 10.2 version for which VHD is available or VHD for 10.1 version for which the key is available.







Appreciate any help







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  • The trial edition of BIG-IP VE is, and runs on the documented VMware Hypervisors.



    There is no VHD available or support for Hyper-V in the trial version.





  • The obvious question then is when, and why not? Seems that the Hyper-V VE has been out and available long enough that if a customer is working in a Hyper-V environment and needs to validate the VE in a Hyper-V environment, they are certainly not going to spin up VMWare to test VE. Apples and oranges comparisons, scientific validation of functionaility aside, can't be good for a potential sale. Is anyone from F5 here able to answer if and when?



    Thanks much!



  • I'm not aware of a plan for trial licenses on future releases. However, you should be able to get an eval license for hyper-v from your sales engineer.
  • It would be good if F5 will releases trail licenses for both XenServer and Hyper-V as well. Another major ADC player allowed me to try their software on VMware, XenServer and Hyper-V.
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    We'll allow you to try the license on all of the hypervisors listed as well.



    All you need to do is ask your sales team for an eval key. This will let you run the latest versions of the Virtual Edition which supports Xen and Hyper-V. If you don't know who your sales team is, you can use this link to find them:

  • Thank you for your reply. Great to heard that. I'll try to ask F5 local distributor here.