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Mar 30, 2012

no-cache Irule

We are wanting to force caching and set the maxage via an irule except on a certain link. We tried this rule but it doesnt seem to work ALL the time. Thoughts?





DEFAULT cache value for all pages


set cache_value "public, max-age=300"




center should not be cached


if { [HTTP::uri] contains "/center" } {


set cache_value "private, no-cache"








HTTP::header replace Cache-control $cache_value





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  • Hi Jason,



    That iRule looks fine. When you say it doesn't work all of the time what do you mean? Are you seeing some responses without the Cache-Control header set? If so, do you have fast cache or Web Accelerator enabled on the virtual server?



  • what happens is we see the "private" insert coming through most of the time but we also see a S-Cache tag through as well... which is strange.