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Aug 26, 2003

Newbie: Determining BigIP pool id/name of http request

I am trying to find an api method that will tell me from an application server, which bigIP pool the current HTTP request came through on. Either the F5 has to persist something in the request (HTTP cookie) as it is routed to a particular server in the pool or I need to call back to the server and supply it information like URL, IP address, HTTP port, etc. Would someone be kind enough to point me in the direction of the appropriate interfaces or suggest an alternate approach. The goal is that all servers in a pool need to know about each other so they can update data that is cached in the application server memory.



Thanks for any help.


Todd Carmichael


Concur Technologies

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    My assumption is that all you know about on you application server is the current connection IP addresses and services. If you know more this could be easier.



    You can use ITCMLocalLB Connections get_active_connections() to find the Virtual Server address. You can then use ITCMLocalLB VirtualServer get_pool() to get the Pool name. You can then use ITCMLocalLB Pool get_member_list() to get all the servers in the Pool. Note that this assumes that your Virtual Server was created using a Pool. You could verify that the Virtual Server was defined using a Pool ( as opposed to a Rule) by using ITCMLocalLB VirtualServer get_resource_type().



    Repost if I missed.
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    From an application server's perspective, you could also consider the method, ITCMLocalLB.Node.get_pool_membership. The method input asks for your server and port in the format of IPPortDefinition structure. The method outputs a list of pools that a server is associated on the BIG-IP. If there is only one single pool on the BIG-IP containing the server, it will retrun a single-element array of Pool names.






    Gary Chen