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Dec 22, 2010

New to irules

Hi Guys



I have inherited an F5 configuration, with the following irule configured





if {[IP::addr [IP::client_addr]/23 equals]} {


snat automap







This does not seem to applied anywhere, and some of the guys here believe that this is applied as a gloabal configuration. Is it possible to have this set as a Global Irule, without selecting this against any VIPs?



Please let me know, i've never used irules before, so not sure on the configurations







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  • You could certainly have snat automap applied to a VIP but this is an iRule and would have to be applied in the iRules section so no, not globally applied.
  • Thanks Chris, so just to confirm for myself. I would need to add this irule to a resource on VIP for it to work?
  • Correct...if you want the automap to be specific to that network. If the VIP has "Automap" selected under "SNAT Pool," then it will automap all traffic, not just this range.