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Jan 25, 2012

need iRule for http redirect after checking that the request is for ocspr

Hi, Fairly new to iRules. I need a simple F5 iRule to redirect incoming http request to our ocsp server. We want to restrict the http request to only redirect the request for ocsp service.


What would be an easy way to check (using iRule) to make sure that only the ocsp request coming in via http are redirected? Is there somthing in the packet/protocol that i can check for?






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  • Hi Steve,



    Are the OCSP requests made to a specific URI stem? If so, this should be reasonably simple to split them off to a second pool based on URI. I'm not sure if an OCSP client would follow an HTTP redirect though. Can you try logging a few OCSP requests using tcpdump and reply with the HTTP request headers?