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May 22, 2024

Need help with ICAP integration with F5 LTM

I have followed this KB article and created a standard http virtual server with web server and an internal virtual server with icap pool. Both virtual servers and pools are healthy and available. However when the http virtual server IP is accessed, it resets the connection ("reset" is the service down action). I am not sure why it behaves as if the ICAP service is down when it is not down and the icap pool health checks are passing. Also, I can see in the local traffic module statistics that no traffic is reaching ICAP virtual server. Appreciate if someone can help to spot any issues with my setup or help me to understand how to troubleshoot connectivity to internal icap virtual server.


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  • Thanks for your reply. I don't have any routes. When I try to create one I get an error - "Static route duplicates Self IP / implied route" because of an interface attached to the F5 from the inside subnet.

  • the health monitor might use routing config of control plane while traffic forwarding uses data plane's routing config (picture below)
    make sure the routing config is correct.