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Oct 27, 2011

Multiple external subnets and gateways

This is probably something very simple I just am not grasping.. However, we have an existing subnet that our ISP has assigned to us, for example sake we'll call it They gave us the gateway of We set this up in the LTM as the default gw and create VS with any IP in and all works well. Now we are out of IPs in so we ask the ISP for more IPs and they give us and tell us to us as the gateway for that block of IPs. How do I set this second block up in the LTM so it routes traffic via the appropriate gateway? These IPs are all delivered to us via a single Ethernet drop.



Thank you


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  • for incoming traffic, doesn't it work already since auto last hop is enabled by default?



    sol11796: Overview of the Auto Last Hop setting