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Jul 28, 2014

Multiple apps doing kerberos

Hi all...I am setting up a new BIG-IP environment (v.11.5.1) to front multiple backend services. What is the simplest way to have multiple services (i.e.,, etc) that are completely separate fron one another, utilize kerberos from a single domain? Do I need to create a seperate keytab files for each service? If so, do these each need to utilize a differente service account?




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  • JdTokenRing,


    However if we did this same practice to say Sharepoint which uses host names for site rendering and its running under a service account, is that where I would need to configure that account for delegation and add a SPN for it in particular?


    Yes. You just have to make sure that APM is requesting a ticket for the correct service principal name.


    Is there a good Kerb reference you would recommend?


    The Kerberos RFCs (1510 and 4120) are a great (albeit dry) place to start, plus there a few books on Amazon that give it decent coverage.