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Jun 19, 2012

Monitor state from irule

Hi Everyone,



I'm wondering if ti would be possible to check, within an Irule, the state of specific monitor applied to a pool or a node.



As a pool/node may have multiple monitors applied to it, it would be useful to get the state of a particular monitor in order to make balancing decisions.



There's a way , even indirect one , to get this?





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  • Hi Netsecurity,



    The default behavior of the pool is to require that all health monitors are successfully processed by the node, or it will be marked down and unavailable. In that scenario you can check you could use the active_members check within the iRule.



    If you change the default behavior to "At Least..." one of many then you could run into some strange behavior.



    I would suggest splitting the different services that you want to individually monitor into different pools and then use the active_members check to decide where to send each...and direct the traffic within the iRule.



    Probably not the answer you were looking for, but I hop this helps.