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Jul 28, 2011

Modify url found in e-mail

Will this work and is this the best way?


Looking to rewrite any url that is stamped in an e-mail that has the internal server name. Need to change the internal server name to the externally published name





if {[string tolower [HTTP::header "Location"]] starts_with}


{ HTTP::redirect "[HTTP::uri]"




Or could/should this be done with a streaming profile somehow???

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  • when you say you are trying to rewrite urls in an email, are you talking about this rule sitting on an smtp VIP or maybe a webmail VIP? or are you talking about just redirecting any HTTP/https call against an internal URI of a VIP to a differently specified external URI for the VIP?
  • HI Richard,


    If you are doing this under OWA or some web mail, then you can use the stream profile, provided that there is no encryption OR SSL is terminated on the F5 that this rule is going to process on.





  • Ryan,


    I'm working on this for someone else, but my understanding is this is for an I-Rule sitting on a VIP that is for OWA.



    Thanks guys for the responses. The SSL is terminated on the F5, so I will give the stream profile a shot.