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Jan 11, 2018

Migration from Default to New Partition

Hello all,


we have a production F5 which is using only /Common partition. There were some requests to manage couple of LTM/DNS Objects by another team. Since I dont want them to have full access to the F5, partitions seemed here like a good choice. Anyway I couldnt find any good migration tools or guides for creating a new partition. When I create a new partition, I am not sure what will be the effect on the F5. What about device groups ? Does the partition involve only objects in LTM/DNS modules or also some other pieces of F5 like IPs, Device Sync Groups etc






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  • There won't be much of effect. The partition enables separate file systems for all the configurations that you make on F5. Go to users, selet partition list and rest of the steps are self explanatory. For the device group and the traffic group select - root folder options. For the access rights, you can select the partition against whom the approval is granted.


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    Thanks for the response So when I create new partition it is going to be using the same IPs, Vlans, Interfaces, Default Route etc correct ? Regarding users assignments to the partition that is quite okay.


    Thanks Marek


  • Yes, partitions are basically used for administrative segregation only. However some have difficulty keeping partitions and route domains apart from each other, because they are often used together. While route domains can have an impact on IPs, vlans and default routes, partitions will not.


  • The management IP remains the same, so would the vlan and the interfaces and the default route be.