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Apr 12, 2011

Migration from BigIP 2400 platform to 1600

I have 4 BigIP 2400's, software version 4.5.14 (2 Link Controllers, 2 LTM's) that I am replacing with a pair of 1600's. Is there a migration path from the old devices to the new, or will I essentially have to rebuild my pools/vips/wips from the ground up? Since I also proxy my SSL traffic through the LTM, is there anything special I need to do to transfer the SSL keys from the old devices or can I simply export/import?


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    The 2400 can't be upgraded to 10.x. So I'd suggest building the 1600 10.x config from scratch. You can use SCP (WinSCP for Windows or scp for *nix) to copy the certs/keys to the new units.