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Dec 20, 2022

Migrating BIG-IP VE appliance from one Esxi host to another

Can someone please share some guidance on the steps required to migrate a BIG-IP VE appliance from one ESXi host to another? I would imagine if we go with cloning the image, we'll have to clear the ARP entries on the core for the self IP's of the F5 as new MAC would be learned in the new virtual environment. I'm also aware that the license would have to be decommissioned from the virtual appliance and claimed on the new environmnet.


Are there any other considerations for this type of migration?

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      Yes, can you please share the process for migrating from one VE to another?

      Also, I saw the article above previously but it doesn't talk to ARP entries being cleared on the core. Wanted to triple check and confirm if that is required when migrating VE to new host.

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        Okay Franky-frank-reg7 , 
        in the below Article my Accepted Solution to one of F5 users , I explained the process of migration in details :

        Read it well and Ask me if you have any concerns. 

        > For ARP Entries : 
        I think you Can Clear it as your ARP tables should be updated directly after your migration and testing your services. 

        > nothing make you worry about , as I think you have the availability to test your services offline after moving your VEs and migrating the Configuration , I mean that your bussiness services should not be impacted. 

        > Also If your reviewed the KB that I send previously in my first reply and you found that it has not information or concerns about ARP tables so it is not an issue for Migration or moving your VE to anotehr ESXI. 

        > Let me knwo if you need anything more , Also I would like to know what is the result of your action after migration. 


  • Hi Franky-frank-reg7 ,

    Have you tried ESXi VMWARe VMotion for cloing your existing BIG-IP VE appliance from one ESXi host to another.

    After cloning you can revoke the license on existing VE appliance and use the same license key on new VE.

    Generate the fresh Dossier on the new VE and follow the steps for licensing.