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May 27, 2003

Mapping from bigpipe to API?

I would like to see a mapping from bigpipe commands to the equivalent


iControl API call. Is that information available?

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  • There is no direct mapping guide from bigpipe commands to API calls. iControl was modeled after the bigpipe syntax so generally speaking the first bigpipe subcommand maps to a interface in the API. The rest of the arguments are either represented as property accessors or actions.
  • Yes, I do work for F5. I'm assuming that you don't 😎 .

    A map from bigpipe commands to their iControl counterparts is a great idea. It was thought that the mapping was fairly straight forward but it seems that a more documented mapping would be beneficial. I will look at creating a a technical article for this website in the near future that will provide a dynamic lookup. In the short term, feel free to post your specific mapping questions here. Here are the iControl methods for your examples

    bigpipe snat map default to auto unit 1

     Method create_default_ex 
     Creates a default SNAT map with a unit ID and netmask.  
     void ITCMLocalLB::SNAT::create_default_ex( 
         String translated_addr, 
         long unit_id, 
         String netmask 

    bigpipe self snat automap enable

     Method set_snat_automap 
     Sets the SNAT automap state of the specified self IP.  
     void ITCMNetworking::SelfIP::set_snat_automap( 
         in String self_ip, 
         in EnabledState state 
  • I've just checked with the developer and here's his response. I'll work on getting this information added to the SDK's api reference on future releases.

    Origin Address => default SNAT

    Translated Address => auto

    So if you use the create_default() command

     void ITCMLocalLB::SNAT::create_default( 
         String translated_addr, 

    with a translated address of "" that should map to

    bigpipe snat map default to auto unit 1

    BTW, these are the types of feedback we need to hear to help us make the product better. Please keep the posts coming!

  • Wouldn't mind if you could look at my monitor question...



    I'll also post another question around errors...



    Thanks, Michel
  • for what reason would you use a SNAT configuration



    snat Auto-SNAT {


    mirror enable




    origin mask