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Apr 21, 2011

Management Port

I moved the management port from one VLAN to another. It worked fine on the original VLAN, but now I do not have access to it. I can ping it okay, but cannot get to the gui. Any ideas?

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  • Is the problem related to the GUI not loading, or to the use of the management port?



    If you can connect to the management port via another VLAN (such as your internal VLAN, over one of the other interfaces on the device) then perhaps the problem is with the management ports IP, which has to be unique and cannot be on the same IP range as an existing VLAN.



    If the GUI won't load over any VLAN address or the management port, try reloading it:



    bigstart restart httpd


    bigstart restart tomcat4



    Another thing to be sure of is that the port lockdown settings on the VLAN allow https access (this doesn't apply to the management port).