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Sep 22, 2011

Management port is configured as half duplex...

EM ver 2.1


+70 device being monitored


monitored devices are LTM v9.4.8



Several devices are being reported, and infact have the mgmt port currently set to half duplex. I am aware of logging into SCCP and configuring the port manually using ethtool eth0....



However, is there a way to run a changeset from EM to remotely configure n+1 managed devices?






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    You don't have the switchports hardset to full-duplex instead of auto do you? Cisco switches have a 'feature' where they don't advertise their config if you hard-set them. The default for devices that are auto-detecting speed and duplex is then to do half-duplex...



    Not sure I agree it's a feature no matter how much my friend the CCIE tries to convince me :)