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May 06, 2011

LTM with ASM module upgrade

Hi all,



Quick question, I hope. I have just upgraded an LTM with ASM module from v9.4.4 to v9.4.8.



When I did the upgrade I did a roll forward of the current running config (using the config.ucs file). I'm going through the LTM config at the moment and everything looks like it's been rolled forward fine :-)



It's the first time, however, that I've had to do an F5 LTM upgrade with an ASM module. Thought I'd just get some advice / tips / hints from the my fellow devcentralites. Are there any gotchas in particular with rolling forward a config with an ASM module? Anything I need to bear in mind specifically?



Thanks all in advance,






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  • Hi Nathan,



    I'd check the attack sigs carefully. There have been issues in the past with the attack sigs being silently removed from attack sig sets. Try searching on AskF5 for "attack signatures" with a Document Type of Known Issue. You could also check the 9.4.8 ASM release notes for known issues related to attack sigs.





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    Thanks Aaron - will do above as suggested.