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Oct 26, 2016

LTM https/http issue

Hi All, We're having an issue with f5 this is the behaviour.


From https: When thr uset login the traffic became http and we are having the error. But when we type manually the https the page is working.


Needed yor expertise, please


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  • You need to create a virtual using the same IP, but using port 80 and apply an http profile to it. Then apply the iRule named "_sys_https_redirect" to the virtual.


    All http traffic will now we redirected to https.


  • 1.HTTP profile with redirect rewrite all parameter might help you keeping the request in https. This setting basically rewrites the URI in all HTTP redirect responses. Create a new HTTP profile from the current profile applied and test with this setting. Make sure you apply same new profile to all 3 vips. 2.You can sniff through response headers using IE Developer tools,Firebug,Fiddler Or HTTP analyzer and you'll know or you can guess which might be causing the redirect. Most of the cases it is app code that is designed to respond HTTP responses without SSL.