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Mar 15, 2012

LTM as a Microsoft Proxy Server

Hi, just wanted to check with v11, if LTM can now acts as a full forward proxy server?


This includes internet proxy, username/pass, url filtering.


Can we integrate with a database that has dynamic url filtering? F5 will just be the enforcement point?



Any comments are welcome.


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  • Hi Dyobbs,


    You are thinking of LTM to work like a internet proxy if I am not wrong.... the answer is no you will not achive this via LTM.



  • LTM can function with limited capability as a forward web proxy using an iRule. But it's not a core feature. If you'd like to see this added to the product, you could open a case with F5 Support and make a request for enhancement.



  • Thanks techgeeng.



    Hoolio,thanks for the information. Let me get to F5 on this.


    What do you think the features that will run today on f5 from a proxy server perspective?
  • Hi Dyobbs,


    The problem is that this feature is not the core area of focus for F5 as their are other major market players... Aaron is ryt you can take this case to F5 as a feature but i believe they will reply the same that this is not their area of concentration so you get a right product for this feature. What F5 can do in this area are limited things.



  • We can use an iRule to handle simple web proxy functionality like resolving the requested hostname to an IP address and handling the CONNECT request method. You could potentially handle database lookups using sideband connections. APM can provide advanced authentication.



    Overall, I'd still encourage you to talk with F5 Support and your F5 account team to run the scenario by them and see what we can do now and possibly do in the future.