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May 16, 2012

LTM 10.2.0 not load balncing

Hi I migrated a VIP from CSM to LTM 10.2.0 evevrything works fine, excpet all conenctions loadbalnced to only one of the node, I have two pool member, just one of the nodes receive connections, pool is configured as Least conn( Node) and I apply source addr persist as sticy, any idea how can I fix it, I am New to F5, please explain in details.




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  • Hi KJ,



    Have you by chance set priority groups and have that enabled? Just so I know, if you go to the pool statistics you see 0 under the total connections column for the node in question?



  • Hi,



    Priority group is disabled.I check and both pool members showing "0" as connection Limit. pirority Group "0" for both member.



    VIP is TCP port, not sure if that helps you?



  • I also run 10.2.0. Let's start by providing some configuration info. Can you post the output of these commands?


    tmsh list ltm virtual


    tmsh list ltm pool



    If all your connections are coming from the same source address, then the persistence profile you applied to the VIP could explain why all connections are being sent to the same node. The explanation may be obvious from this info, but it may not.
  • did you tried to do a tcpdump and check how often the other server is responding.....