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Jan 25, 2012

LTM - Ping behavior

Hi all,



First off, I've been dropped into an account that has a pair of f5s deployed. I have had experience with f5 products before, but it's been years back.



So, that being said, I have an interesting anomally I wanted to confirm whether it's by design or by misconfiguration.



I have a virtual server defined we'll call this Z. There are 2 member nodes defined in this virtual server, we'll call the nodes X and Y.



X is able to ping Y and vice versa. Y is able to ping Z, however X is NOT able to ping Z. The ip address for the virtuals and actual nodes are from the same subnet.



Any reason why X can't ping Z? I know I've provided very limited info on the config, please ask if additional is needed to reveal the answer.



Thanks in advanced for any responses.



- netscan

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  • Hi Netscan,



    I'd expect both pool members to be able to ping the virtual server if they're all on the same VLAN. If you run a tcpdump filtering on the two hosts which can't ping, what do you see?



    tcpdump -enni 0.0 -Xs0 host X and host Z