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Jul 11, 2011

LTM - Introduce A/S HA Pair to multiple Admin Partitions

I'm working on adding a redundant LTM to a single platform to form an HA pair. The single production LTM is operating with multiple users/multiple admin partitons.



My question is:



Is there a best practice for this scenario?



If I configure the self-ip, floating-ip, SSL cert/keys, and Redundant config/sync setup in the common partition, Will the other partitions, and user accounts/objects tied to those partitions be pulled down through config sync?



Do i need to create the user accounts and partitions, and user to partition mapping manually before I config sync?



Any guidance as far as "Order of operation" is appreciated?



Thanks in Advance!



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  • SOL8581 goes over this:



    sol8581: Creating a redundant pair by adding a second BIG-IP system to an existing system